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Het Nieuwe Eemland                       

Het Nieuwe Eemland is a school that offers education to students aged 12 to 18 at Gymnasium, Vwo, Havo en Mavo levels. The school has almost 1400 students and 140 employees. It is housed in a magnificent national monument on the Daam Fockemalaan on the tree-covered outskirts of the city of Amersfoort. The peaceful setting helps to provide an exceptional educational atmosphere. The size and location of the school and the incorporation of different types of facilities in a single building also ensure that it is a safe place for learning.
The building contains excellent sports facilities, an auditorium for presentations and performances, a music room and an art room. There are also well-equipped labs for the science subjects.

Educational goals 
Our vision on education and guidance is characterised by: 

a safe learning environment.
• good quality education.
• students actively taking part during
   lessons (ADSL).
• consideration for differences between
• challenging students to develop their
• diversity in development.
• involvement and responsibility.  

Each lesson is 70 minutes long.
A lesson consists of several different aspects of teaching: instruction, independent learning and learning from and with each other. The students are actively involved in their own learning process, thus increasing their own level of learning.
Every classroom is equipped with a digital blackboard.
During a lesson the teacher takes the differences between the students into account, whether that be aptitude, level of independence, interests or pace.

Classes and extra-curricular activities
The following classes are available at Het Nieuwe Eemland:
• Gymnasium class 1-6, Vwo class 1-6, Havo class 1-5 and Mavo class 1-4.
• One-year “bridge-class” (Mavo/Havo en Havo/Vwo).
• Cambridge English classes.
• Sport classes (we are a elite sports friendly school).

International projects.
• Cultural activities.
• Excursions and international trips.
• Drama, music evenings and
   talent shows.
• Social awareness programmes.
School management
The basic, day-to-day responsibility for the students'welfare and academic progress lies with the teachers and the form tutors. In order to protect the pedagogic-didactic approach that we use, these pastoral teams are kept small, comprising of form tutors and teachers who teach the same class.

The school management team consists of a head teacher (principal) and three assistant head teachers (vice-principals). The three assistant head teachers/vice-principals are involved in the education and guidance of the students and are responsible for the safeguarding of academic policy in the different departments, (Gymnasium, Vwo, Havo en Mavo). They also supervise the head of each subject department. The head of each subject department is in charge of the teams of teachers, whose immediate focus is on the class, the students and the parents.